Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where Does Everyone Go???

I have been looking at for a while. I really don't know where to start. It has been nearly 20 years since I graduated from high school. I have moved around all my life and only attended 3 years at my high school. Looking back I think this was almost a record for the longest time at one place. I spent my 1rst through 3rd grade at one elementary school and then we moved into a different school district in the county I use to live in then I went 4th to 5th grade in different elementary school. 6th grade was at yet another school in the same county. Thank goodness the county had a consolidated junior high/high school but the reunion with old friends from other schools was short lived as my parents split up and my mom,brother,sister and I moved to another town. I only went half of rest of my year in 7th grade and then we moved again! Just as thing seemed to be settling down we moved again. I spent my 9th grade year in completely different high school and then we moved back to the county that my grandparents live in. Well 3 years at the same high school and then off to college. Two years at a small community college and then into the real world. 17 years now I have been at work and living in the same county for more than all my life growing up. I missed my 10 year high school graduation anniversary and I'll probably not get to go to my 20th either as my work schedule probably will conflict with it. Well enough rambling.
I drew this picture and posted it on my deviant art account. I know it is a little rough but perhaps I'll clean it up a little later on. 

The title is :        Where Do They All Go?

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